Date: 2012 — Role: Design — Status: Offline

RipNet is an all-in-one solution for the lacrosse community. Building upon social networking features for the players, the application also served as a tool for coaches, scouts, and parents to track player development through statistical analysis.

Maintaining a consistent appearance across desktop, mobile, iOS, Android, and Facebook led to one of the main challenges in designing an intuitive experience for the input of data points within the analytics section of the app. Armed with community feedback, I was able to break down each section with multi-step navigation and visual graphical input which offered the user a wealth of consumable data.

In addition to seeing the product experience through from wireframes to hi-fidelity mockups, I was also tasked with developing a line of branded merchandise.

RipNet Lacrosse Landing Page
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RipNet Mobile Analytics
RipNet Analytics
RipNet Analytics